Come to me for a session of reflexology at my practice. The session lasts for about 1 hour.

This is a brief explanation of what reflexology can do.

Reflexology is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is said to have been in existence for five thousand years.

In China, the foot is viewed as being the root of the tree. When the root no longer absorbs water from the earth, the tree dies. When a part of the body is not working properly, its vital energy is impeded and that energy is no longer able to circulate into the impaired organ. It returns to the foot and on the sole of the foot there is a sensitive spot. This sensitivity indicates the deficiency of the corresponding organ.

The fingers can detect swelling, grains of sand and crystals: these are the toxins that are blocking the patient’s nervous impulses and vital energy. The therapist then uses various techniques of pressure and stimulation on these sensitive points, which are called “reflex points”.
The accumulation of stress, poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, worries at home or at work and taking too much medication all create excess tension. The body explodes. But before it explodes, the body tells you – and it speaks to us through our feet.

Reflexology is both preventative and curative. Its aim is to identify and treat the cause of physical or psychological deficiencies, as well as energy-related or functional ones.
It then restores the body’s ability to cure itself.
The method of reflexology that I use is both simple to apply and entirely natural.

Reflexology identifies 7200 nerve endings and some 85 reflex points in each foot.
The reflexologist dislodges the crystals that have accumulated in these sensitive areas. The tension inside the body is released and the balance of energy restored. Reflexology gives the body back its powers of self-healing.
Reflexology can also be combined with classic allopathic (or Western) medicine, in which case it plays a complementary role.
For example, it helps the body to eliminate the toxins left behind by allopathic medication.

The beneficial effects of a session of reflexology are usually felt immediately afterwards, or else within the next twenty-four hours.
After the session, patients feel a sensation of heat in their feet, which become more flexible and lighter. They feel as though they are walking on cottonwool. Some of them may feel tired, but also relaxed. Others see their energy levels topped up, experiencing a feeling of wellbeing and vitality.

Each body responds differently, depending on its own receptiveness and the severity of the disorder.
Reactions can be extremely varied:
• you may find yourself yawning or sleeping deeply in the evening following the session.
• you may feel a greater need to drink. This is the effect of improved blood circulation and the kick-start given to the body’s elimination system.
• you may need to urinate more frequently. I In some patients, their urine changes colour, becoming dark and giving off a strong odour. These are the toxins being released by the body’s organs.
• in the longer term, there may be weight loss in overweight people, with a gradual disappearance of cellulite: veins become less visible on the legs, while hands and feet become less cold – all signs of an improvement to the circulation.

Frequency of sessions and prognosis
Theory tells us that the effects of a session of reflexology last for approximately 21 days or 3 weeks.
In actual fact, people’s receptiveness and response times are highly individual.
Often, early sessions of reflexology need to be close together, with longer intervals between them later on.
The ideal way is to begin with 3 sessions with one week between them and then space them out gradually afterwards.
Generally speaking, a chronic ailment takes more time to improve than a recent or acute illness. But more recent and acute disorder can still be relieved in one session (although that is not a definite rule).

All reactions to the treatment are good, demonstrating the efficacy of the reflexology. These reactions are not side-effects. Reflexology never has any unpleasant effects: the body simply expresses itself and eliminates the toxins.

Cost per session: €40
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